Employer Assisted Programs

Emotional Intelligence Promotes Success

Therapeutic Interventions for Employees

The Benefits

Counselling can:

Alleviate stress and support mental health problems Identify physical health concerns Support people in distress caused by life events Assist HR to identify and resolve workplace issues such as: Reduced absenteeism Improved productivity Saves management time Better staff retension

The Emotional and Psychological health of your staff is imperative to ensure a healthy and productive workforce

Early intervention can identify possible problems and reduce the financial cost to your business.

We Provide

Counsellors on BACP accreditered register Dedicated and committed professional staff Immediate response to referals A Person Centred Approach Secure and confidential consulting rooms Organisational membership of the BACP Fully insured and clinically supervised therapists Established charity and company ltd by guarantee Very competative terms Reports and statistics Outcomes monitoring Short term focused Long term psycotherapy

Training endorsed by BACP

The Process

Clients are able to refer themselves or are refered by Occupational Health

Clients are offered an initial assessment appointment conducted by a senior psycotherapist

Outcomes monitoring forms are completed by the client in line with The Person Centred Approach

The client is offered an initial six sessions with the option to increase to ten after consultaion with Occupational Health

The clients progress is monitored throughout and the results are entered onto the outcomes monitoring data base for analysis

You can download a copy of the Employer Assisted Programs brochure here.