Nottingham Counsellor Placement Service

The Nottingham Counsellor Placement Service:

Has been established for over ten years. Supports people who suffer from social isolation and economic deprivation. Works across a wide range of age groups and cultures. Provides counselling for people who would not normally have access to such services. Has grown significantly and is sought out and recommended as a placement opportunity by local universities and counsellor training organizations. Receives a high number of clients from GP's, other health service professionals and social services.

What you can expect from us:

Guaranteed waiting list of clients. Clients allocated at relevant experience level. Dedicated counselling rooms. Training in house. Group supervision & individual supervision. Professional Indemnity Insurance to £2 million. 12 years experience in management of student placements. Group Membership of B.A.C.P. Induction and ongoing management support. Introduction to private practice tax law and accounting procedures. CRB Checks.

What we expect from you:

Theoretical understanding of the Person Centred Approach. References from your university or college. Commitment to maintaining the integrity of the project. Adherence to best practice of B.A.C.P. Commitment to ongoing personal development, support and supervision having already undergone your own personal therapy. Ability to keep confidential records. You will be in advanced stages of training for professional diploma or above.   4 way contract. 2 years commitment. Fee of £45 per month (subject to change) payable by direct debit after an initial joining fee of £100.

Ethical principles of counselling and psychotherapy:

FIDELITY—Honouring the trust placed in the practitioner AUTONOMY—Respect for the clients right to be self-governing BENIFICENCE—A commitment to promoting the clients well -being NON-MALIFICENCE– A commitment to avoiding harm to the client JUSTICE– The fair and impartial treatment of all clients and the provision of adequate services SELF-RESPECT—Fostering the practitioner’s self knowledge and care for self

Personal moral qualities we aspire to:

Empathy Integrity Sincerity Resilience Respect Humility Competence